NYX cosmetics - my new favorite makeup line and it's CHEAP! YAY!

you might have heard of NYX cosmetics before, but i have just discovered them...well, i have seen the line in ULTA stores before but passed by thinking it was just another cheapy makeup line. i recently tried the line b/c a lot of makeup artists rave about them and... WOW! impressive! especially the powder eyeshadows, lipglosses and powder blushes. the eyeshadows and blushes come in an ENORMOUS array of colors-matte & shimmer, which i love. i am not a big fan of shimmer blush as far as makeup for photography is concerned b/c it looks bad on camera. there are 2 types of lipglosses that have almost identical packaging. the one that says "Goddess of the Night" on the tube is fragrance free, which i think smells gross so i opted for the other lipglosses that just had NYX on the tube. they have a much better smell. paula begoun - my favorite "cosmetics cop" rated their eyeshadows, doll eye mascara & lipglosses as paula's picks. it's so wonderful to find quality makeup for cheapo!! you don't even know! coincidentally, after this great discovery ULTA decided to have a BOGO on NYX so i drove deliriously happy to my nearest store and went a little crazy. i can't say so much for the eye pencils and lipliners, they, well, sorta sucked. anyhoo the "round" lipsticks are AWESOME, pigmented and a great creamy consistency that wasn't smelly. i wasn't too fond of any of the shimmery colors (overly shimmery gloss doesn't look good on anyone over 28)  and picked up a bunch of non shimmery ones. to further add to my excitement, the nice people at NYX gave me a pro discount so i just placed an huge order for some 10 eyeshadow palettes!! check out the line at nyxcosmetics.com

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