Chanel Double Perfection Compact Powder Foundation Knockoff/Dupe/Drugstore Double

I know many, many ladies love Chanel Double Perfection Compact Powder Foundation, but hate the price tag... $50. I would wear this stuff every day, year-round if I was a rich girl. I've tried all the drugstore brands of powder foundations and Maybelline Pure Stay Powder Foundation is about as close as I have come to Chanel DP.
The thing I love most about Chanel DP is the ever-so-slight shimmer, or "light-reflecting pigments" of the powder, and the fact that it covers great without a chalky, mask-like look. It really blends well with the skin. Much better than MAC Studio Fix Powder Foundation, which tends to sit on top of your skin.

 Maybelline comes pretty darn close to matching all the great qualities of the Chanel DP. The only drawback of the Maybelline Pure Stay is that the colors are a teensy bit ashy... Not quite right. But for about $42 less than Chanel, it is a steal at $8.

If you usually wear Vanilla in Chanel DP
Try Ivory 10 in Pure Stay
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