Trend? Bold Bottom Lashes

Does anyone else marvel at Kim K's amazing eyelashes? Holy bejeezus. She must use Latisse and have  extensions and use falsies and primer and 3 coats of mascara. Good Lord.

But what stands out to me is Kim's bottom lashes. You don't normally see such emphasis on them. I used to think emphasizing your bottom lashes would "pull down" your eyes and make them look droopy, so I have never really put mascara on my bottom lashies - only the ones on the outer corner.

So lately I have been spotting other celebitches with bold lower lashes and thought I would experiment using the 5 steps of the Scientific Method cuz that's not dorky.

1. Pose Question: How will bold lower lashes look on normal people?
2. Hypothesis: Bold lower lashes look hot, not weird.
3. Conduct Experiment: Apply Dior Lash Maximizer (primer) and Diorshow Extase mascara, coating and emphasising bottom lashes just as much as uppers. Add some black eyeliner for drama.

YouTube video tips are essential!
Put lower lash mascara on before top lash

4. Analyze Results: I look stupid. Not something to rock every day. Not as flattering as emphasizing just the outer bottom lashes for the cateye look. This look made my eyes look rounder. and stupider. Maybe this would be a good idea only for those with a natural dramatic cat eye shape like Kim K. My eye looks droopy, and my undereye circles are emphasized yay!

5. Draw Conclusion:
Leave it for Kim. I look like a tard.

Fave Spring Nailcolors

CHANEL Riva. All Hail Chanel Nailpolishes!! Perfect!

DIOR Nirvana and my craptastic version of a self imposed manicure. Embarrassing!

DEBORAH LIPPMANN Waking Up in Vegas. Oh how I looooove this shade! Deborah's nailpolishes are the BEST. One coat, that's all. Super pigmented color.


DIOR Purple Mix. Dior's nailpolishes dry extremely quick! Loving that.

DEBORAH LIPPMANN Naked...on the Summer end of Spring I think.
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