Multi-tasking with Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream. Lip Treatment AND Bicycle Lube?

I'm busy. Well, I'm mostly just lazy, but I tell everyone I'm busy. That is why I like Arden's 8 Hour Cream. It comes in a tube and it is a stinky, orange-ish, thick balm that does it all. It has now become part of my bedtime routine to put it on my lips and then slather it on my rough foot spots. I have used many a chapstick for dry lips in my day, but this one really works. I have also used many a foot creams, but none get my feet softer. Celebs like Vikki Beckham, Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Love Vagazzle & Fergalicious love this stuff. Now I know why!

It's also good for skeeter bites, brow gel, an overnight hand treatment, bicycle lube, and rough knees and elbows. I even read that someone sniffs it to ward off hunger. LOL!

The secret ingedient is salicylic acid a.k.a. beta-hydroxy acid. It is the ingredient effective in many acne treatment product because of it's ability to penetrate and exfoliate through sebum (oil) into the lining of the pore. It is a mild exfoliant, gentle enough even for rosacea and comes from the bark of the white willow plant.

About the stinkyness - it is sort of medicinal and smells kinda like geranium. It's not that bad!

Eat Pray Polish. CHANEL Paradoxal

My sweet honey just bought me this as a little love gift (along with Particuliere. Love you Noosh-Noosh!). Me gusta mucho!! I will wear it all fall, along with the classic, iconic Vamp, I predict. Yes, Chanel nail polishes cost $23, but think of these polishes as an accessory. Chanel colors are always the top trend (think summer's Nouvelle Vague. Beyonce doesn't rock just any color) and it's cheaper than a necklace! Atleast this is what I tell myself.
BTW how great was Eat Pray Love? Anyone want to go to Bali with me?


Nail Tips and Products from The Cosmetics Cop Team

Nail Tips and Products from The Cosmetics Cop Team
As ya'll know, I am a big fan of Paula Begoun, the "Cosmetics Cop". Click the link for some great nail tips! Then you can grow out your nails as long as these! SEXAY!


Chanel Double Perfection Compact Powder Foundation Knockoff/Dupe/Drugstore Double

I know many, many ladies love Chanel Double Perfection Compact Powder Foundation, but hate the price tag... $50. I would wear this stuff every day, year-round if I was a rich girl. I've tried all the drugstore brands of powder foundations and Maybelline Pure Stay Powder Foundation is about as close as I have come to Chanel DP.
The thing I love most about Chanel DP is the ever-so-slight shimmer, or "light-reflecting pigments" of the powder, and the fact that it covers great without a chalky, mask-like look. It really blends well with the skin. Much better than MAC Studio Fix Powder Foundation, which tends to sit on top of your skin.

 Maybelline comes pretty darn close to matching all the great qualities of the Chanel DP. The only drawback of the Maybelline Pure Stay is that the colors are a teensy bit ashy... Not quite right. But for about $42 less than Chanel, it is a steal at $8.

If you usually wear Vanilla in Chanel DP
Try Ivory 10 in Pure Stay


Tarte Cosmetics - Cheap on Hautelook.com 5/18/10

Tarte cheekstains are the bomb!

Get some ( along with other select Tarte goodies) at Hautelook.com only on Tuesday, May 18 (tomorrow).

One Day Sale!

Now off to spin class!


Is the New Revlon Colorburst lipstick really YSL?

This lipstick is super snazzy! Described as luxurious, rich color that feels virtually weightless. 'Tis true.

I was pleasantly suprised to find a drugstore lippy as smooth and silky as Yves Saint Laurent. No shittle. (If you have not ever tried Yves Saint Laurent lipstick before, it is like freaking butter. You must own one atleast one before you die.) Plus there is a $3 OFF coup here so you can get your own. I got my shade in Blush, which perfectly enhances my own natural lip hue for an au naturel look. It wears great and doesn't dry my lips out. It has virtually no smell. LOVE!!!


There's poop in that lipgloss

Here's a great article from Paula Begoun about E. Coli and other various, icky microbials in tester makeup.
I worked at several cosmetic counters and it used to GROSS ME OUT me how people would just come up to my counter and put tester mascara right on their eyes.
Effing nasty.
Just read this little gem of tester hygeine etiquette and never put any tester product near your eyes or mouth, dumbass.. .and I just probably saved your life if you do.

"Lots of women love going to a cosmetic counter, salon, spa, or their local Sephora store to play with the skin-care and makeup products on display there (I know I do!). It is almost impossible to pass through the cosmetic section of a department store without something catching your eye. The irresistibly arrayed and easily accessible tester units beckon you to try on a lipstick, foundation, concealer, eye shadow, or moisturizer directly on your face. But you might want to think twice before doing that again because it may be riskier than you think.

Despite the fun you can have at the cosmetic counter, in reality these tester units are almost always rife with bacteria, mold, or fungus (or all three), and that isn’t funny. There hasn’t been a lot of research on the issue, but the little that exists has shown the pretty lip gloss or moisturizer you’ve just tried on is probably contaminated with microbes which can include staphylococcus and even E. coli.

Vagazzle my Vajay?

Fo Shizzle my Nizzle!

Apparently, Jennifer Love Hewitt announced on George Lopez that she gets a brazilian wax job and then Swarovski crystals her hoo-ha. Sounds like fun until you really start to think about it. This must be what bored, rich celebrities do to get their jollies.

Do any of you out there have enough free-time and money and a borderline porno-sex life that you require your vag to twinkle like a disco ball?? I'm not judging.

Things that sparkle make me stupid, so maybe for my wedding...


MAC To The Beach 2010 Summer Collection

To the Beach? More like To the Poorhouse!

For Release May 27, 2010


Here's the Lowdown:
To the Poorhouse Shadows $14.50

•Sand & Sun: Light Peach (Matte)

•Firecraker: Frosted Mid-Tone Red Orange (Veluxe Pearl)

•Sweet & Punchy: Bright Yellow Green (Veluxe Pearl)

•Shimmermoss: Green with Green Pearl (Veluxe Pearl)

•Humid: Intense Green with Shimmer (Frost)

 Lipstick $14

•BeachBound: Sheer Frosted Pale Peach (Glaze)

•Lazy Day: Light Dirty Blue Pink (Lustre)

•Thrills: Rosy Copper with Gold Pearl (Frost)

•FunBathing: Mid-Tone Bronzed Plum (CremeSheen)

 Lipglass $14

•Easy Lounger: Light Baby Pink with Multi-Dimensional Pear

•Flurry of Fun: Sheer Sparkly Peach

•Splashing: Mid-Tone Blue Pink with Soft Gold Pearl

Lip Pencil $13

•Life’s a Breeze: Soft Pink

•Temperature Rising: Loudmouth Orange

Eye Kohl $14.50

•Float on By: Dark Green Turquoise

•Rosemary & Thyme: Mid-Tone Olive Gold with Shimmer

Powder Blush $18.50

•Hipness: Intense Coral with Soft White Pearl (Frost)

•Get-Away Bronze: Mid-Tone SunTan (Frost)

High-Light Powder $26

•Marine Life: Multicolour Pressed Powder

 Nail Lacquer $12

•In the Buff: Muted Taupe Avocado (Cream)

•Scorcher: Creamy Bright Coral Red (Cream)


MAC To The Beach Bag $49.50

Cream bronzer $25

•Beach Bronze: Golden Glow with Soft Gold Finish

•Weekend: Mid-Tone Deep Orange Brown with Soft Pink Pearl

Luster drops $18.50

•Pink Rebel: Blue Pink with Gold Pearl

•Sun Rush: Peachy Bronze with Gold Pearl
Bronzing Powder $22
•Golden: Muted Golden Tan-Beige with Golden Shimmer

•Refined Golden: Finely Spun Golden with Soft Pearl Finish
Bronze Body Oil $22
•Glowing Tan with multidimensional Golden Shimmer
Brush 130 Short Duo Fibre $38
A short, round dual fibre with flat head composed of both natural bristles and synthetic fibers ideal for application with creams, emulsions & various powder products.

Brush 130 Short Duo Fibre Powder/ Blush $34

Flat, tapered face brush that contains a combination of short, natural, fibers and longer, fibre optic fibries ideal for light application and highlighting/ shading with various face powders; Ideally suited with mineralize skinfinish powder products.

more pics and swatches

What do you think of this collection? I think BORING! Nothing new here MAC!


Essie Summer Collection 2010

6 New Colors Available June 1st, 2010

Here's the Lowdown:







All About $8.50

POP Beauty on Sale at Hautelook.com Right NOW



N.Y.C. In a New York Color Minute Quick Dry Nail Polish Review

This is shade 242B Uptown

Ugh, I have a super snot-filled cold going on, so I decided to paint my nails a bright, indulgent shade of girly-girl pink to make me feel better. I had a BOGO coupon for this N.Y.C. " In a New York Minute" quick dry nail polish and WOW I am impressed! This pic is after just ONE coat! AND it really does dry fast. Not in a New York minute, but more like a minute in Idaho, or maybe North Dakota.

I usually apply polish coats in thin layers, but the trick with this one is to apply in one even, thick layer.

Best $1.79 I ever spent!

Some other cool colors to check out for Spring are SoHo (peachy-pink), Wall Street (bubblegum pink) and Park Ave (lilac) check out all the colors here.


Bargain Alert! Three Custom Color Specialists

Enter code PRO3 at checkout at threecustom.com and receive 30% off all online purchases through midnight May 2 EDT. (Kinda short notice, I know. Sorry)

I have not tried this line, but several makeup artists rave about it. Check it.
Now's a great time to try! Let me know what you think!

Bargain Alert! Becca Cosmetics

Becca has an INSANE color variety of foundations/concealers/powders that are impeccable!
This line is great and I wonder why it doesn't get more press. Hmmmm. 
Anyhoo, sign up at Hautelook.com for the sale. Hautelook hosts private, limited-time sale events with today's top brands for women, men, kids, home, and beauty. Lasting between 48-72 hours. Up to 75% Off!
Becca sale starts Monday 5/3/10

Bargain Alert! Paula's Choice $5-$20 OFF

Paula's Choice is my fave skincare line

Go here to shop!


Bargain Alert! Free Shipping at Chanel.com until May 2nd

Free Shipping on any Purchase until May 2, 2010  Chanel.com

LORAC 3 Reviews in 1: Natural Performance Foundation, Wet/Dry Powder Makeup & Double Feature Concealer

I went all crazy on LORAC makeup a few months ago and picked up some of her foundations/concealer because several of Carol Shaw's (makeup artist and CEO of LORAC- Carol spelled backwards - get it) products are paraben-free and non-irritating to sensitive skin like mine. I usually like to wear powder foundation because it's easy to apply without the liquid foundation hassle so I got the Wet/Dry powder foundation. I also decided to try the liquid Natural Performance Foundation since liquids do give a more skin-like appearance and my face has been dry lately. FYI: Dry skin + powder foundation = Hot mess.

I got the Natural Performance Foundation in NP2 (light)

The Double Feature Concealer in DF1

And the Wet/Dry Powder Foundation in WD2

Here are the swatches including a shot of my dope wrist tattoo for your viewing pleasure

As you can see, the foundation and concealer are very yellow. I thought this would be a good thing since my face is usually slightly red (yellow tends to even out a ruddy complexion and yellow is also good at canceling out under-eye circles, if you have any yellow undertones...more about this later) I have a pretty neutral skintone but more yellow-based foundations look better on me because they even out my redness.

Natural Performance Foundation: I like this stuff. It has no smell, it goes on evenly, it covers great without heaviness, covers flaws including undereye circles (mine SUCK), and most of all, it does not irritate. It is also filled with antioxidants that are good for your skin. This is a great everyday foundation. It comes in a pump dispenser that pumps just the right amount per application. The only thing I don't like about it is that it is too yellow. I have read several makeup reviews that say LORAC foundations are too yellow, so unless you have very warm undertones, go with another line. There is not a huge color variety in this foundation collection. Therefore, I must apply it thinner than usual or it makes me look like I have a slight case of jaundice. It would be a super awesome foundation if there were more skin-tone friendly variety
Grade: C

Double Feature Concealer: The roll up stick part of this concealer just plain sucks. The formula cakes and slides and the color is off. There is a rollerball in the cap that you are supposed to use to blend with, but it's just...wrong. However, The highlighter is excellent!! It has a lipgloss-like applicator that you dab on and it blends really well. It gives you a slight "wet" look that I like beacuse it looks more natural, instead of a glittery/shimmery look. I love this highlighter!
Concealer Grade: F
Highlighter Grade: A
This is the schizo of concealer/highlighter duos

Wet/Dry Powder Foundation: I really wanted to like this powder foundation, but I don't. It seems more like a regular powder than a powder/foundation. It has very sheer coverage and makes my skin look blaaah. Will I ever find a comparable match to Chanel Double Perfection powder foundation that isn't $50?? My heart breaks.
Grade: C


Bargain Alert! Vincent Longo 30% OFF & Smashbox 20% OFF

Enter Code VFLIRT
Also get Free Shipping over $40

Enter Code FFSB9
Good Until May 29th


New Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipcolor SPF 18 Review

Sunset Beach
about $6

I got a coup in All You Mag for $3 off this lippy which made me giddy as a schoolgirl cuz I wanted to try it anyway. I love Rimmel glosses, so I could only assume, by my powers of makeup deduction, that I would love their lipsticks also.

I got to Ulta to find a nice display of about 24 colors...sweeeet. I love having options. After covertly opening tubes of color I fancied and then swiping them on the top of my hand (you know you do it too), I settled on the color Sunset Beach, partly because I want to actually be on a beach and partly because this color would go so great with my Rimmel bronzer. I think an Ulta lady saw me messing with her products and huffed, "Can I help you find something??!!??" I wanted to say, "No Ho. I'm good thanks. My hands are clean. Get over it." but I just turned bright red and said "I'm good, Thanks!" I'm pretty badass in my head. Moving forward, Rimmel bronzer is the shizz. Get some, it's cheap and the colors are tantastic.

So I like the lipstick okay, it is moisturizing, the color is semi-sheer and it stays put longer than gloss. I really like the SPF 18. SPF is good. It comes in a great range of shades and they have several neutrals to choose from. It's just not any better than any other drugstore lipstick. The only thing I don't like about this lipstick is the cheap lipstick smell. Why do all cheap lipsticks smell the same? Put some fruit oil in your lipsticks or something for Christmas sake!

 If I rated this lippy on a scale of Wet n Wild to Chanel it would be a L'oreal. So it ranks slightly above it's cheapness. Will I buy more? Probably not. I can't deal with the smell for long periods of time.


Besties: Why I Love Bare Escentuals Eye Shadows, and the one reason why I hate them.

Bare Escentuals eye shadows $13 are THE BESTEST, hands down! Why? because they are pure pigment with no fillers (like the extra ingredients used to get pigments to squash together to form a pan). They are yucky-ingredient-free and can be easily layered, mixed, used as lipstick, liner, even blush - just add clear gloss, water or liquid sealer. You can even blend eye shadow primer potion with them to give the color more oomph. They go on so nicely and never, ever crease! These are the only eyeshadows I have used that do not crease. All other shadows say they don't crease, but these ones really don't. Bare Escentuals eyeshadows really don't crease. Am I being redundant yet?
I know MAC and Make Up For Ever has pigments but they give you too much product and therefore, jack up the price ($19.50, $19 respectively), BE has more "real " colors that are useable for everyday as opposed to the bright-orange-crazy-colors and glittery-drag-queen-colors that MAC/MUFE has. Bare Escentuals eyeshadows are just a perfect amount in a little pot. I have had my shadows for YEARS and they are still good as new. A little goes a long way ya'll.
The one thing I hate: The messiness. They get all over the place. You must be diligent with application or your bathroom and your face will be a hot mess. I guess that's the tradeoff.

Tip: Put a cotton round, kleenex, post it note, or your homework under your eye while applying to prevent fallout onto your gorgeous face.

What are my fave colors you ask?
From Left to Right - Queen Phyllis, Wild Woman Melissa, Drama, Downtown, Nude Beach, Snow, True Gold, and Soul. All Gorgeous nude & brown colors that look good on everyone.

Irony of the day: I made a huge mess while making these swatches.

Best Other Eyeshadows that are not loose pigments: Chanel, Urban DecayNYX (Cheap!)

What are your fave eyeshadows and why? What do you think of Bare Escentuals eyeshadows?
What is your fave color eyeshadow?


Wet n Wild New Mega Chrome Eyeliner Review

Does anyone else think Wet n Wild sound like a porno title? Maybe I'm a perv, but I bet it really is.
Anyhoo, this pencil is literally the crappiest eyeliner I have ever used. It skips, it's too soft and the color does not apply evenly. It's horrible. Stay away!!

Why am I buying cheap, crappy purple eyeliner? Well, I so wanted to do the metallic purple eyeliner look as seen in Allure on Amber Valletta last month, but I just can't bear to spend over $5 for a metallic purple eyeliner that I won't get a lot of use out of. In this case, you get what you pay for. All the good eyeliners (Urban Decay 24/7 and MAC) are just not happening for my penny pinching ass right now.
Lauren Luke's Metallic Purple Eyeliner How-To. She never says what eyeliner she uses. That hobag!
 (For those of you that don't get my sarcastic humor, I'm just kidding - I love her)

Here is Amber from the March 2010 Allure. I love this look!
Does anyone have any suggestions for my cheap metallic purple eyeliner?


Best Lip Plumping Glosses

What? These are my friends. You are so mean!

There are two different types of lip plumpers, ones that irritate your pout enough to cause swelling like DuWop Lip Venom  $16 (the first lip plumper, Lip Venom, is a blend of essential oils, including cinnamon, wintergreen, and ginger, that cause the blood to rush to the surface of the lips) and those that include "collagen microspheres" and hyaluronic acid like in LipFusion that attract moisture to the lips and therefore fattening them. Some glosses have a mixture of the two which is less irritating than the full-on Lip Venom. I hate Lip Venom because it is so intensely irritating to me. It feels like my lips are badly sunburned. Cheaper glosses (drugstore) typically contain the irritating ingredients since they are cheaper to manufacture.

Plumpers are for everyone. I have been blessed with naturally big lips but I still love the lip plumpers because they seem to fill in the fine lines around around the lipline and give a more youthful plump to the lips that isn't outrageous. I have been a huge fan of LipFusion lipglosses, the first ever lip gloss that actually did plump lips without irritating them to all hell. The only complaint I have about these glosses is, of course, the price tag. $38 is completely ridiculous. ARRRRRGGGGHHH. Robbery of the vain!

I've tried many many many lip plumpers and here are the best I've found so far...

LipFusion Micro-Injected Color Shine $38
Bare Escentuals Buxom Lips $18
MAC Plushglass $18

Each of these glosses plumps effectively without irritation and lasts a decent amount of time before you must reapply for the plumping effects.

LipFusion Micro-Injected Color Shine: The first non-irritating plumping gloss. Classic. Expensive. Comes in a wide range of colors. I like Bare and Bloom. These are both extremely natural and real colors that give you that healthy, natural look. Bare for pale-medium skin. Bloom for medium-dark skin. This gloss seems to be the gloss that doesn't last the longest but it has the best texture (non-sticky). It has a faint sweet citrus-y smell.

Bare Escentuals Buxom Lips: If I had to pick a favorite this one would be it. LipFusion would win hands-down if it had the same price tag as this one ($18) but it doesn't, so it is not my favorite. It has a slightly sticky texture and smells good. This one lasts a long time as far as gloss goes. The plumping effects last the longest with this one. I like the color Amber. It is a sheer peachy gold that looks good on everyone. Smells like caramel.

MAC Plushglass:  This is the gloss that lasts the longest. The plumping effects last a good while too but not as long as Buxom Lips. It is the most "irritating" of the glosses, but it is very tolerable. Smells like caramel and cinnamon. My favorite colors are Ample Pink (bare pink without shimmer) and Power Supply (healthy pink with gold shimmer). I wore this color for the first time and my BF said..."Whoa, You look pretty!" Score.

What are your favorite lip plumpers??

Rimmel MAX Volume Flash Mascara

From Rimmel: Take your eyes to the max with the supersized, perfect-fit brush that works in perfect synergy with the exclusive quick setting Lash Expand formula. The cushion-like collagen effectively binds to each individual lash, while the keratin works to smooth the surface of the lashes, leaving them stronger, sleeker and shinier. Capture that edgy London look than with big, bold attention-grabbing lashes.

Ok. The only thing I really love about this mascara is the hot pink packaging. This makes it easy to find amongst the ridiculous amounts of makeup in my bathroom drawers...and I like hot pink. I am a girly-girl. 
The mascara is pretty good. It is more of the type of mascara that lengthens and separates nicely, but if you want that dramatic volume you'll have to add a couple of coats. For me this is time consuming, and I want a mascara that does it all and fast like DiorShow or Cover Girl Lashblast (although these mascaras have a tendency to clump if you are not careful). I am searching for a mascara comparable to Dior Show or Cover Girl Lashblast that isn't ridiculously expensive (Dior is $24) that does not test on animals (Cover Girl does). I am having a hard time with that. Some girl at the nail salon told me that Maybelline Lash Stiletto was good too, but Maybelline tests on animals so I refuse to buy.
Some mascara's I've tried so far that are pretty good are Revlon Fabulash and MAC ZoomLash, but I am hoping to find something better.

Cheap, no clumps, very black, separating and lenghtening, hot pink tube, good brush, non-irritating

need several coats for volume, average mascara in comparison to everything else out there

Still searching for the cheap holy grail of mascaras.

Favorite New Body Wash - ShiKai Moisturizing Shower Gel

Whole Foods was having a BOGO sale on these body washes the other day so I picked these two up - Coconut and Cucumber Melon - after test-smelling the entire line, of course. When I tried them out on my big giant white bath poof I was not expecting to be so impressed with these, but they are great! They foam up fantastically unlike some other brands I've tried and they smell delish. They are also free of all yucky ingredients. Very eco-chic

Price $8.99 each (unless you get a BOGO deal like I did)

From the Website:
These shower gels moisturize as they clean so your skin feels soft and smooth all day. (mmmm.ok) The exclusive formulas combine natural colloidal oatmeal, rich emollients and gentle cleansers. (sure) The oatmeal binds moisture to the skin soothing it and leaving it itch-free. (I did not experience any itching, so ok) Use as a body wash in a shower or even a shaving gel. (yes I will, thank you)

Rich in aloe vera & colloidal oatmeal.
Gentle, soap-free formulas.
Safe for baby's and children's tender skin.
Leaves skin noticeably softer & healthier .

Available in 8 luscious natural fragrances...Coconut, Cucumber Melon, Pomegranate, Honeysuckle, Vanilla, Sandalwood, Gardenia, and Yuzu ( I dunno)

Pick them up at Whole Foods or on ShiKai's website.


Chanel Noir et Or Paris-Shanghai Nail Polish Collection 2010 & Knockoffs

I saw this combo on the All Laquered Up Blog and could have DIED!

Chanel Black Velvet + Illusion D'Or  =  Sexy Disco Vampire

 I wasn't about to spend $50 ($25 each..WTF?) for nailpolish so I headed for Ulta to see if I could find a comparable knockoff. I trolled the nail aisle and the OPI and Essie sections and couldn't find a damn thing until I happened to eye a new little makeup display called LA Splash. Hmmm, funky, okay let's see...and Voila! I find 2 nalpolish colors called Black Sea and Treasure Splash

 Black Sea             Treasure Splash
Word. I'll see what I can do with these. Ring me up Ulta lady!

So I head to the nail salon and ask them to paint me up.
This is what it looks like fo' reals

Let's Compare

My resourcefulness never ceases to amaze me.

$8 vs. $50?

Uh huh. You're Welcome.

Update: I was at Walgreens last night and I found a few more Knockoffs you could try.
Milani Nail Art Laquer $3.99 in Black Sketch 703 and Art of Gold 701
Mix Art of Gold 701 with Milani Nail Laquer in Diamond Dazzle 40 to get an exact knockoff

and 469 Hallucinate (Note: You still need to use a gold glitter polish like Art of Gold)

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