Be Smart. Don't waste your $ CASH $ on yet another crappy product!

I HIGHLY recommend researching skincare, makeup & beauty products before you buy!
Get informed about skincare, especially your skin type, and problems that you may be experiencing. This will save you lots of cash in the long run.
Here are some Resources:
DERMAdoctor.com search 'articles'. Dr. Audrey Kunin is a dermatologist and has a great, informative website that addresses every skincare problem you can imagine. She also sells her own line of great skincare products.
Paula Begoun cosmeticscop.com Subscribe to her 'Beauty Bulletins'. She also has a radio talkshow - I post her sessions on this blog! I love Paula Begoun and I use many of her skincare products. She is very no-nonsense and does thorough research.
MakeUpAlley.com "Street Smart Beauty" is a database of real chicks reviewing makeup & skincare products giving honest opinions
Beautypedia.com Paula Begoun's list of thousands of makeup and skincare reviews compiled into an easily searchable database. Requires a yearly membership fee. I have a promo code so you can get 50% a year subscription. use the code BP50 as your Promo Code. After the discount it would cost $12.50 for a year. SO WORTH IT!
Sephora.com Reviews. Sephora stocks a ton of products. reading their reviews will get you some great real-life feedback.
Skin Deep Cosmetic Ingredients Database - for Ingredient Safety info. (This is NOT a substitute for the FDA) I have issues with this site because I think they abuse the fear factor. Fear is always the best marketing tool. Take this site with a grain of salt b/c it seems a little fanatical. No one can possibly avoid using all of their listed potentially harmful ingredients. It would be freaking impossible. Also, they mention "harmful" ingredients to avoid but don't state exactly why or site (link) tests, exactly where they gathered their specific information, or any other tangible evidence most smart people like to know! Nevertheless, it is still a good site to keep mindful of these ingredients, and I do think they genuinely want to inform people of potential dangers. Afterall, cosmetics are not strictly regulated by the FDA. Form your own opinion.
CaringConsumer.com search guide for cruelty-free companies and products. (Get a free pocket-size list from PeTA here)

Paula Begoun, The Original Beauty Bible (3rd edition) covers everything you would ever want to know about skincare, cosmetics, plastic surgery & cosmetic dermatology.
Ruth Winter, A Consumer's Dictionary of Cosmetic Ingredients A more down to earth/scientific guide about cosmetics ingredients including potentially harmful ones

You could/should also read my blog and tell all your friends to read it too!!

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