Smashbox Halo Hydrating Perfecting Powder Review

this powder foundation comes in a cool compact with a mirror. you twist the rim and powder is shaved off the top for a user friendly, less messy mineral foundation. it gives sheer-full buildable coverage and imparts a glow to the skin. the application brush it comes with is NOT recommended. this foundation is best for younger skin that doesn't need a lot of coverage. bonus: comes with a sample of smashbox photo finish primer (there are better primers out there). for $59 it is expensive!

From Sephora.com:
"Smashbox HALO Hydrating Perfecting Powder HALO is the first anti-aging powder with the science of skin care built in. It's advanced formulation of pure gold, 48 minerals, 11 amino acids and a powerful peptide deliver powerful anti-aging benefits while the patented hydration system continuously revitalizes skin and provides a hydrated look that won't accentuate lines and wrinkles. The built-in shaver allows for the convenience of a pressed powder combined with the radiant finish of a loose one, and the super-sized brush deposits the perfect amount of powder every time."


* paraben and talc free.
according to A Consumer's Dictionary of Cosmetic Ingredients by Ruth Winter, "Talc is a finely powdered magnesium silicate, a mineral. It usually has small amounts of other powders such as boric acid or zinc oxide added as a coloring agent. Prolonged inhalation can cause lung problems because it is similar in chemical composition to asbestos, a known lung irritant and cancer-causing ingredient."
don't freak out yet! Paula Begoun says talc does not cause cancer by inhalation here but her most recent medical references are from 2006.

* contains antioxidants & peptides that are good for your skin

* would look amazing on anyone aged 16-25, or if you had really good skin

*i don't think this foundation is good for anyone with large pores or fine lines/wrinkles. it has a "shiny" illuminated look that gives you the j-lo glow, but the shine will only enhance your pores and lines.  if you need medium-full coverage i don't recommend this foundation. the more you apply the shinier it looks

* the kabuki brush that it comes with SUCKS! it is very stiff and when you wash it it bleeds black from the dye used for the black color of the brush hairs. i've washed mine several times and it still bleeds.

 *the shade ranges are not that iompressive. i am a MAC NC20. i tried this in "fair" and it was ghost white. "light" is a little too dark and yellow for me unless i do a very sheer application

i use this powder on my good skin days when i don't need much coverage. it would be a good choice for younger girls with good skin...not fair :(

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