Essie Tart Deco Knockoff - Essence Colour and Go Nailpolish in What Do U Think? I think YES.

i have been intrigued by this new line, essence,  at ULTA for a while now. the line seems to be geared towards tweens and teens (this says to me, "crappy cheap makeup...avoid") with their 'moxie girl' cartoon character advertising. regardless, i decided to buy one of their products...colour and go nailpolish. this color What Do U Think? $.99 (YES $1!) really caught my eye for spring and is fairly similar to the new Essie Tart Deco color for spring 2010.

pastels are so hot right now.
The essence bottle claims "1 second per nail' and it was pretty much true. it dried fast but looks a tad streaky and thick. you will need 3 coats. so it's really more like 3 seconds per nail, but for $1 i can deal!

no animal testing! and they make a big deal about it on their website...love that!

i will def be reviewing more of this line in the future.

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