DIY: How to make your own custom lipstick palette

I have soooo many lipsticks and it is hard to keep them all organized in my kit so instead of buying an empty pro lipstick palette (expensive..there is a japonesque one for $26!) i just go to michael's or jo-ann fabrics and get small-medium sized compartmentalized plastic bins and make my own palettes.


1. ArtBins #918AB $4.99 (this brand is my fave b/c they are made of thick sturdy durable plastic) or any other bead storage, paint storage organizer. Check out the selections at the craft stores. make sure they are thick and sturdy!
2. a labeler that prints laminated / waterproof labels - i got mine at Costco
OR dot label stickers -  (you can laminate them with modge-podge) to label your lipsticks on the palette for easy reference

3. Modge Podge ( a water based clear sealer - get at any craft store) and sponge (i used a makeup sponge)
3. A knife

4. A microwave

5. and of course LIPSTICKS

1. Take a lipstick and carefully peel the label off the top or bottom (if possible) i used my nails or a knife.

2. then place the sticker center to the palette "well" on the underside of the palette
3. roll up the entirety of the lipstick and cut it off at the base over the corresponding well. then throw away the lipstick tube & cap
4. repeat steps 2 & 3 until you fill up your palette

 5. This step is optional! if you keep your lipstcks in their original form in the palette they will move around and get a little messy. if you want to melt them to get them to stay put, stick a full palette in the microwave for 1 minute & 30 seconds. time may vary- watch closely. take lipsticks out when they are melted. don't let them bubble/boil.
note: some lipsticks, depending on the formula, will not melt as easily as others.

6. carefully stick palette in freezer for 10 minutes then remove. make sure the lipsticks don't move/are still wet!

7. get out your modge podge and paint/sponge a thin layer over the lipstick label stickers on the underside of the palette . this step preserves your stickers and keeps them from peeling off or getting damaged by water
it will dry to a clear finish in about 15 minutes

8. next you can label your palette with the labeler. i labeled this one by brand- NYX LIPS

If you cannot peel the lipstick label off the lipstick tube (this is hard to do with MAC lipsticks i've found), you can just make a small label then stick it on the underside of the palette just the same way (or use a dot sticker and write the brand and name, then modge-podge it to seal)
here's another palette i made of "miscellaneous" lipsticks
i decided not to melt these

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