Besties: Why I Love Bare Escentuals Eye Shadows, and the one reason why I hate them.

Bare Escentuals eye shadows $13 are THE BESTEST, hands down! Why? because they are pure pigment with no fillers (like the extra ingredients used to get pigments to squash together to form a pan). They are yucky-ingredient-free and can be easily layered, mixed, used as lipstick, liner, even blush - just add clear gloss, water or liquid sealer. You can even blend eye shadow primer potion with them to give the color more oomph. They go on so nicely and never, ever crease! These are the only eyeshadows I have used that do not crease. All other shadows say they don't crease, but these ones really don't. Bare Escentuals eyeshadows really don't crease. Am I being redundant yet?
I know MAC and Make Up For Ever has pigments but they give you too much product and therefore, jack up the price ($19.50, $19 respectively), BE has more "real " colors that are useable for everyday as opposed to the bright-orange-crazy-colors and glittery-drag-queen-colors that MAC/MUFE has. Bare Escentuals eyeshadows are just a perfect amount in a little pot. I have had my shadows for YEARS and they are still good as new. A little goes a long way ya'll.
The one thing I hate: The messiness. They get all over the place. You must be diligent with application or your bathroom and your face will be a hot mess. I guess that's the tradeoff.

Tip: Put a cotton round, kleenex, post it note, or your homework under your eye while applying to prevent fallout onto your gorgeous face.

What are my fave colors you ask?
From Left to Right - Queen Phyllis, Wild Woman Melissa, Drama, Downtown, Nude Beach, Snow, True Gold, and Soul. All Gorgeous nude & brown colors that look good on everyone.

Irony of the day: I made a huge mess while making these swatches.

Best Other Eyeshadows that are not loose pigments: Chanel, Urban DecayNYX (Cheap!)

What are your fave eyeshadows and why? What do you think of Bare Escentuals eyeshadows?
What is your fave color eyeshadow?

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