LORAC 3 Reviews in 1: Natural Performance Foundation, Wet/Dry Powder Makeup & Double Feature Concealer

I went all crazy on LORAC makeup a few months ago and picked up some of her foundations/concealer because several of Carol Shaw's (makeup artist and CEO of LORAC- Carol spelled backwards - get it) products are paraben-free and non-irritating to sensitive skin like mine. I usually like to wear powder foundation because it's easy to apply without the liquid foundation hassle so I got the Wet/Dry powder foundation. I also decided to try the liquid Natural Performance Foundation since liquids do give a more skin-like appearance and my face has been dry lately. FYI: Dry skin + powder foundation = Hot mess.

I got the Natural Performance Foundation in NP2 (light)

The Double Feature Concealer in DF1

And the Wet/Dry Powder Foundation in WD2

Here are the swatches including a shot of my dope wrist tattoo for your viewing pleasure

As you can see, the foundation and concealer are very yellow. I thought this would be a good thing since my face is usually slightly red (yellow tends to even out a ruddy complexion and yellow is also good at canceling out under-eye circles, if you have any yellow undertones...more about this later) I have a pretty neutral skintone but more yellow-based foundations look better on me because they even out my redness.

Natural Performance Foundation: I like this stuff. It has no smell, it goes on evenly, it covers great without heaviness, covers flaws including undereye circles (mine SUCK), and most of all, it does not irritate. It is also filled with antioxidants that are good for your skin. This is a great everyday foundation. It comes in a pump dispenser that pumps just the right amount per application. The only thing I don't like about it is that it is too yellow. I have read several makeup reviews that say LORAC foundations are too yellow, so unless you have very warm undertones, go with another line. There is not a huge color variety in this foundation collection. Therefore, I must apply it thinner than usual or it makes me look like I have a slight case of jaundice. It would be a super awesome foundation if there were more skin-tone friendly variety
Grade: C

Double Feature Concealer: The roll up stick part of this concealer just plain sucks. The formula cakes and slides and the color is off. There is a rollerball in the cap that you are supposed to use to blend with, but it's just...wrong. However, The highlighter is excellent!! It has a lipgloss-like applicator that you dab on and it blends really well. It gives you a slight "wet" look that I like beacuse it looks more natural, instead of a glittery/shimmery look. I love this highlighter!
Concealer Grade: F
Highlighter Grade: A
This is the schizo of concealer/highlighter duos

Wet/Dry Powder Foundation: I really wanted to like this powder foundation, but I don't. It seems more like a regular powder than a powder/foundation. It has very sheer coverage and makes my skin look blaaah. Will I ever find a comparable match to Chanel Double Perfection powder foundation that isn't $50?? My heart breaks.
Grade: C

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