Chanel Noir et Or Paris-Shanghai Nail Polish Collection 2010 & Knockoffs

I saw this combo on the All Laquered Up Blog and could have DIED!

Chanel Black Velvet + Illusion D'Or  =  Sexy Disco Vampire

 I wasn't about to spend $50 ($25 each..WTF?) for nailpolish so I headed for Ulta to see if I could find a comparable knockoff. I trolled the nail aisle and the OPI and Essie sections and couldn't find a damn thing until I happened to eye a new little makeup display called LA Splash. Hmmm, funky, okay let's see...and Voila! I find 2 nalpolish colors called Black Sea and Treasure Splash

 Black Sea             Treasure Splash
Word. I'll see what I can do with these. Ring me up Ulta lady!

So I head to the nail salon and ask them to paint me up.
This is what it looks like fo' reals

Let's Compare

My resourcefulness never ceases to amaze me.

$8 vs. $50?

Uh huh. You're Welcome.

Update: I was at Walgreens last night and I found a few more Knockoffs you could try.
Milani Nail Art Laquer $3.99 in Black Sketch 703 and Art of Gold 701
Mix Art of Gold 701 with Milani Nail Laquer in Diamond Dazzle 40 to get an exact knockoff

and 469 Hallucinate (Note: You still need to use a gold glitter polish like Art of Gold)

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