Go Ahead, Pop That Pimple—Just Be Careful How You Do It!

Here's a new article that I just love telling you how to pop a nasty white head pimple... like anyone would just let one hang out on their face all day!
It recommends the use of a comedone extractor, which I own and love. My boyfriend loves it too. Everyone get zits once in a while and you just can't help but to try to pop those suckers.
When I get one, I warm the pimple with a washcloth that I soak with hot water. I let the pimple warm for about 2 minutes and then use my comedone extractor. After that I use some Neosporin and sleep on it. Even though you will have a bright red spot on your face, I am sure the pimple starts to heal faster after it has been popped and treated. I recommend popping your pimple at night so it has a little time to heal before morning.
Comedone extractors are great for blackheads around your nose too. They hurt a little more because you have to apply a little more pressure to get the blackhead out. Do this at night, too. You will have tiny red spots where the blackhead was, but they should usually disappear within 12 hours.

Want to cover that zit?? Use Make Up For Ever Full Cover Concealer. It's the shizz.
Read my review on it here


  1. My wife has one of those extractors from when she was in cosmetology school. I don't know what we would do without it (and I don't really get much acne). BTW, I found your blog because you also have Breakin' listed a fav movie on your blogger profile.

  2. Turbo? Special K.
    Nice to meet you.


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